Three Skills Of A Bail Bond Agent That You Need Today

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Three Skills Of A Bail Bond Agent That You Need Today

15 December 2018
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Bail bond and bounty agents used to be mainly males and mainly those that were savvy with weapons and hand to hand combats. Though having these skills is a wonderful asset to the job, there are now even better skills to have as a bail bond agents. An agent will need to properly know the law in order to make appropriate bonds for those who have been accused of a crime and need to bond out of jail. Along with creating bonds, most agents also recover fugitives for their own business. If you want to know how well your match up to this line of work, here are three skills of a bail bond agent.

Complete social media savvy

Learning how to talk to people and make friends will make it easier to be a bail bond agent. Most people are available via social media. Even if someone who is accused of a crime goes dark on social media, they are highly likely to have family and friends who still use the social media network. Being able to comb through their family and friend pages to look for the right information will help you keep tabs on the people you provide bail bonds to. If an incident happens, you will be able to piece breadcrumbs together through social media posts to get facts on the incident. 

Being believable

There are people who are able to speak to anyone with ease. Being believed is going to be important when you are a bail bondsman. If you need to give information to family and friends that is against what their bonded loved one has said, you will need to be the more convincing party. The ability to deliver news or information in a believable fashion can help you recover those who may be on the run after their bail bond has been revoked. If those around you often treat you as believable in your statements, this skill will carry over well in your career. 

Piecing together the unspoken

Those who are in need of a bail bond and have had issues with the criminal system in the past may not tell you everything you need to know. They may have a drug problem that they do not bring up or they may hang out with a specific criminal element that they are trying to hide from you. As a bail bond agent, it is necessary to know who is what type of risk. Taking covert photos that may show needle marks or inspecting clothing and tattoos for possible gang paraphernalia will help you understand the totality of the situation. Piecing together small details will help you understand the overall problems a person may be struggling with.