Using Bail Bonds Services

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Using Bail Bonds Services

13 September 2023
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When someone is arrested and facing criminal charges, the concept of bail comes into play. However, not everyone has the financial means to pay bail outright. That's where bail bonds services come in.

What Are Bail Bonds Services?

Bail bond services act as a liaison between individuals who have been arrested and the legal system. They offer a means for defendants to get out of jail by paying a fee or getting a bond from a registered bail bond agent. This service ensures that defendants can continue their lives while awaiting trial.

When someone cannot afford the full amount of their bail, they can turn to a bail bondsman for assistance. The defendant typically pays a percentage of the total bail amount for the bondsman to post the entire bail on behalf of the defendant. This allows the defendant's temporary release from jail until their court date.

Can You Get A Bail Bond For Any Type Of Crime?

Most non-violent offenses are eligible for bond options. However, this can vary by jurisdiction and state laws. Offenses such as DUIs, drug possession charges, and theft crimes are commonly eligible for bond services.

Certain offenses, such as violent crimes, repeat offenders, or individuals deemed a flight risk, may not be eligible for bail bond services. The severity of the offense and the possible risk to society are taken into account by the court when making these determinations.

What Happens If Someone Skips On Their Bail Bond?

It can have severe consequences if someone skips out on their bail bond and fails to appear in court as scheduled. The court may issue an arrest warrant for the individual, potentially leading to additional charges and forfeiture of any collateral provided.

The cosigner is critical in ensuring defendants fulfill their obligations after obtaining a bail bond. If the defendant skips out on their bond agreement, it is often up to the cosigner to assist in locating them or covering any outstanding fees.

What Are The Collateral Requirements For A Bail Bond?

Collateral serves as security against potential financial losses incurred by the bondsman if a defendant fails to comply with court requirements. Common forms of collateral include real estate property, vehicles, valuable assets, or financial accounts. Collateral assures that the bondsman can recoup their investment in case of default.

Once the collateral is provided and all necessary paperwork is completed, the release process can move forward swiftly. Upon verification that the collateral satisfies the conditions established by the bondsman and court, the defendant will be released from custody.

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