High-Pressure Pumps Applications Explained

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High-Pressure Pumps Applications Explained

27 May 2022
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A high-pressure pump moves water in a cylinder through a plunger. Pressure pumps are found in many machines used to run daily operations, including refrigerators and washing machines. The pressure pumps have an inlet, outlet, and pressure switch that controls and maintains the required pressure. When buying a pressure pump for commercial use, get one that withstands repeated flow and has a high pound per square inch (PSI). High-pressure pumps have several commercial applications, including:

Pest Control

Modern agricultural practices rely on the latest technology and equipment to promote food safety. The process involves spraying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to combat pests, diseases, and drought. The equipment used to dispense the pesticides contains a high-pressure pump that controls the flow rates. Pump sprayers are also used for irrigating farmlands, nurseries, and vineyards. Small-scale aquaponic growers use high-pressure misting sprayers to care for and boost their harvests.

Disinfection Services

Lately, the demand for pressure-powered disinfection equipment has risen as people seek to maintain an aseptic environment and adhere to safety protocols. To enhance cleanliness, public places such as schools, churches, and retail stores place disinfectant sprayers in bathrooms, gates, classrooms, locker rooms, and buses. Businesses and organizations also utilize high-pressure pumps that can withstand regular use, maintain consistency, and have corrosion-resistant elements to achieve effective disinfection.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaners use equipment with high-pressure pumps in many of their cleaning activities. For instance, they clean carpets with carpet extractors with sump pumps. Other cleaning applications include exterior pressure washing, marine cleaning, and hard surface floor cleaning. If you're a commercial cleaner, it's advisable to use a cleaning pump that withstands regular use while maintaining consistency. It's best to consider quiet operation and portability when choosing a pump, especially in residential settings.

Compression Units

Compression units operate based on alternating inflation and deflation, which is achieved through a miniature diaphragm pump. These pumps are used in units for post-surgery care and swelling therapy. Internal chambers are used to make a sleeve for the patient's arms or legs, and a pressure pump controls airflow used for inflation and deflation. As a result, blood circulation improves, enabling muscle therapy. The diaphragm pumps are also used in air mattresses to improve blood circulation in patients confined in beds for a long period. 

Take Away

High-pressure pumps have a variety of applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. You can use the pressure pumps in pesticide and water sprayers, sump pumps, and compression units in hospitals. Always consider durability, reliability, and consistency when choosing a pressure pump. Also, work with high-pressure pump experts to customize a pump that fits your needs.

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