How Long Does Water Well Drilling Take?

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How Long Does Water Well Drilling Take?

16 July 2021
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Access to an interrupted water supply gives you and your family the liberty to use the commodity hassle-free. Indeed, steep municipality fees and unpredictable supply can motivate you to invest in a well drilling project. As long as the water is tested and purified, you can enjoy clean drinking water and save money.

If well drilling is inevitable, you need to do more than just choose the site. You must know the process involved, and the time it takes to drill and fully install your well. When you partner with an experienced well drilling service, you'll be surprised that it can take less time than you thought. Although there are variables associated with drilling different wells, you must factor in equipment setup, the weather, or difficult terrain. 

Here are some aspects that determine the time it takes for water well drilling.

Initial Consultation and Pre-Installation

The well drilling process starts with a consultation as soon as you call a reliable drilling contractor. The company will visit your property and assess the site. They know how to pick the most appropriate area. In the process, they'll ask questions and weigh your preferences and water supply needs. Unlike what people think, it takes more than just drilling into the ground, inserting pipes, and waiting for the water to flow. 

The well drilling service must acquire necessary permits on your behalf. There is no definite time for the permits, though it can take several days to get the green light. As long as the chosen site has potential water formations or underground aquifers, the contractor will select the most appropriate drilling machines.

Drilling and Installation

Like many other homeowners, you might think that drilling will take weeks. Essentially, the crew might have to return to the site until the process is complete. Luckily, well drilling can take the shortest time if the equipment is in top shape and the topography is lenient. It's advisable to avoid drilling in deeply sloped areas or sites with access issues. In a few days, an experienced water well drilling company will hit the aquifer, install the well casing, and seal it after all other components are in place. With a skilled well drilling crew, the process can be quick and efficient.

Water Testing

After the drilling crew evacuates, you must consider water testing. Even though there's water flowing from the well, you must bring in water testing specialists if the drilling company doesn't cater to that. If they test the water and realize it is contaminated, you should consider purification before consuming or using it for laundry. The testing and purification process can take a few days, and then you can enjoy a clean and uninterrupted water supply.