2 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Your First Vaping Kit

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2 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Your First Vaping Kit

26 March 2021
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If you have recently decided to start vaping, you may have already decided on which oils you will use, such as a CBD tincture. However, when looking at the various vaping kits that are available, you may be at a loss as to which one to choose. If so, ask yourself a couple of questions as you peruse the selection to help you make a decision when choosing your first vaping kit.

1.  Are You Able to Dissemble the Vape?

The first question you should ask yourself when looking at a kit is whether or not you can disassemble it. Can you easily remove the tank and mouthpiece? Or, is the entire vape a single unit?

If you are unable to disassemble the vape, you will not be able to properly clean it. Since the mist coming from the apparatus will be going directly into your lungs, you should be able to remove the tank, coil, and mouthpiece and clean them with soapy water. If not, bacteria and mold could start to grow, which you would then breathe in as you use the vape.

However, if you are not interested in having to clean the vape over the long term, you may opt to go with a disposable kit. These kits typically come with several mouthpieces and are designed to be thrown away and replaced within a certain amount of time or use.

2.  From What Material Is the Vape Constructed?

Another question you should consider when looking at kits has to do with their construction. Are the main parts of the kits, particularly the tank, made from glass? Or, does plastic make up most of its composition?

If you plan to use the same vape for the long-term, you should opt for one that has a glass tank that will hold up to exposure from the oil and heat. Plastic will start to deteriorate over time, which will affect the flavor and consistency of the oils you use.

If you are planning to use a disposable kit, having a vape with a plastic tank will not make much of a difference. You would be throwing it away before the plastic has a chance to deteriorate to the point that it affects the oil tinctures. 

Asking yourself the questions as you examine each kit can help you determine whether the included vape can be cleaned as well as whether it and the oils will hold up to repeated uses. If you are still confused as to which kit is ideal for you or need more information, speak with a representative with a business that offers vape supplies for more personalized assistance.