Tips For Teachers Selecting Digital Storytelling Apps For Students

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Tips For Teachers Selecting Digital Storytelling Apps For Students

2 December 2020
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Storytelling is something young learners need to master because it involves a lot of skills, including critical thinking, organization, and trouble-shooting. If you're a teacher and want to help mold students into better storytellers, you can use digital storytelling apps. Choosing the right one is possible, thanks to these tips. 

Make Sure App Is Age-Appropriate

One thing you have to keep in mind when browsing digital storytelling apps is age-appropriateness. The app and its features need to align with the age of your students because if they don't, your students won't make the most out of these apps and storytelling development can be stifled.

Fortunately, age-appropriateness isn't something you have to guess about when it comes to these storytelling apps because developers will specifically state the age range that they're intended for. You'll see it in the app's description. Getting this age confirmation ensures the storytelling app will really help your students in the right ways.

Test App Out Yourself

Before you choose a digital app to help with enhancing storytelling skills for students, you want to try the app out yourself. Then there won't be any question what tools and benefits your students are gaining access to. You'll know for yourself, and then the right app choice will become clear.

A lot of these community digital storytelling apps fortunately aren't very expensive. Some also offer trial runs that you can use to test out different features and settings of various apps for nothing. Performing your own analysis helps you ensure your selection is the right one. 

Gather Students' Input

You may be the one in charge of selecting the digital storytelling app that's going to help students develop important skills, but even still, you want to get your students involved in the selection process too. They'll be the ones using the apps on a regular basis after all.

You can make out a list of possible apps you think would be a good match and then have your students vote on which one they prefer. You will just simply need to outline how each of the apps vary. 

Teachers today have all kinds of innovative resources to help their students learn in various ways. If you're looking to improve storytelling capabilities, then digital storytelling apps are a great investment. You'll find many today, but if you're particular and do things carefully, the app you choose will truly matter as a learning tool.