Snow Removal Services For Your Business

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Snow Removal Services For Your Business

2 December 2020
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When you are considering snow removal services for your business, there are several things that you may want to make sure that the contractor provides. Snow plowing is essential, but it is not the only service you might want or need for your business exterior.

Snow Plowing

If your business has a parking area that you are responsible for clearing, you need a snow removal company with the equipment to plow all the snow off the parking lot surface and move it to an area that is not in use. Sometimes pushing the snow into a retention pond and allowing it to melt is an option, but if the lot has a lot of salt or other ice-melting chemicals on it, that might not be a good option.

In these situations, piling the snow up in the corner of the lot and then hauling it away later might be a better way to go, or if the snow is in an area that is not critical, let it melt as the weather warms up and then clean up any debris that is left behind. It is crucial to have the contractor look over the lot so you can discuss the amount of time it will take to clear it after a storm. If you need it completed before your business opens, it is critical that the snow removal contractor can provide enough equipment to ensure that it happens.

Clearing Sidewalks

With any business that people come to, removing the snow from the sidewalks is as important as removing it from the parking lot. Snow removal services can often provide snow removal from the sidewalks, loading dock areas, and accessible ramps and access points outside. 

For small businesses, the snow removal company may have a few people shovel the walks and other areas. Still, if the property is large, your contractor may use a small plow on a very maneuverable machine in tight spaces or a snowblower unit that can toss the snow into the parking lot for the snowplows to carry away. 

Ice Melt and Safety

Once the lot, the sidewalks, and other areas are clean, make sure to have the snow removal services to spread sand for traction and some ice melt on the areas that might refreeze when the temperatures drop at night. There are some products on the market that are environmentally friendly if you have wetlands or other places around the business that you are concerned about contaminating. 

Your snow removal contractor can help you decide what ice melt product is best for your location and may be able to provide it so that you do not need to order it yourself.