Setting Up UPS For Your Crucial Hardware For Small Business IT Infrastructure Hardware

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Setting Up UPS For Your Crucial Hardware For Small Business IT Infrastructure Hardware

15 October 2020
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Today, there are many infrastructures hosted in the cloud, but your business still has important hardware. This equipment needs to be up and running constantly. Systems need to be in place to protect against power outages. UPS systems provide the perfect cost-effective solution to keep systems up and running when you need them.

Assessing your hardware to decide where to use UPS units

Some IT hardware for your business is more crucial than other equipment. You want to assess your business to decide where you want to install UPS equipment. The following factors will give you an idea of where your business needs UPS:

  • Critical equipment for automated mechanical systems
  • Hardware that is used for Internet and internal networking
  • Security installations and video surveillance systems
  • IT equipment for servers, phone systems, and other crucial infrastructure

The UPS systems are the perfect solution to backup hardware that is crucial. This is a cost-effective solution to keep this equipment up—even when the power is down. Assess the IT infrastructure to determine the equipment that needs to be up, even when there is no electricity. 

Planning the installation of your UPS hardware for infrastructure

Once you know where your hardware needs to be backed up, you will be ready to install the UPS units. Consider the following improvements for the installation of new UPS units to back up IT infrastructure:

  • Invest in racks for UPS modules
  • Wire the backup UPS systems
  • Install racks in finished cabinets or with other hardware

Installing UPS equipment will provide your business with the right power backup solution where it is needed. Good installation practices will help integrate the new UPS systems into existing hardware installations and make it easier to maintain this equipment. 

Regularly inspection and UPS unit care to keep systems running

The UPS unit has to be reliable to keep your equipment running when you need it. There are things to consider about the UPS units you install, inspecting them, and maintaining that they may need over time. Look for UPS units that use the latest battery technology, such as lithium-ion batteries. Inspect the battery systems regularly for problems. If you have a modular UPS system, bad modules can easily be replaced when needed.

Use UPS units to keep the crucial infrastructure running even when your electricity is out. Call a vertiv ups systems vendor to get the equipment you need to keep your business running.