Picking The Right Mailing Containers For Your Packages

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Picking The Right Mailing Containers For Your Packages

14 July 2020
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Shipping products to your clients or customers means making sure that the product arrives in perfect condition. The shipping materials you choose can make a difference in how your packages arrive, so it is essential to select mailing tubes or containers that will ensure an undamaged product.

Mailing Tubes

When you are shipping or mailing large posters, prints, or other paper items, folding them can lead to damage during transportation. Using mailing tubes allows you to roll the paper item up and put it in the container so that it does not end up with creases.

The mailing tube is made from a rigid cardboard material and will withstand a lot of pressure on the outside because of the shape. Once the paper item is inside the tube, the ends are sealed with tape and sometimes stapled in place so they can not easily come off in transit. 

Mailing tubes are available in many different sizes, and most shippers have them available for you to purchase directly from them. Select the tube that is the right size and shape for your paper items, but check with the shipper to determine if there is a weight limit for the tube. 

Packing the tube with a lot of paper sheets will add weight, but it is unlikely that you can get enough paper in one tube to make it too heavy to ship.

Shipping Containers

Other types of shipping containers are available for special shipping, and often, the shipper you are working with can recommend one for your particular shipment. In many cases, the containers are specialty boxes that are specific sizes or have support in them to better stand up under stress, and when things get stacked up in the trailer or truck, the item is transported in safety. 

A box with an additional inside box to stiffen the walls is one example of a shipping container that may be appropriate for fragile items or heavy products that need some extra support. In some situations, shipping a product in a plastic shipping container can offer protection for the item. If the product has a possibility of leaking, the plastic will ensure the integrity of the container.

If you are not sure what the best option for shipping your product or other item is, talk to your shipper about the possibilities that they have and what they suggest for you. Because they know how the package will be handled throughout the shipping process, the shipper often has the best insight about the proper packaging to protect your items.