4 Boat Restoration Tips To Bring Back The Glory To Your Vessel And Take To The Water Again

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4 Boat Restoration Tips To Bring Back The Glory To Your Vessel And Take To The Water Again

19 May 2019
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Boats can be a lot of fun, but they can also be difficult to maintain. Once a boat needs several repairs, neglect can cause it to quickly deteriorate. If you have a boat that has been neglected and you want to restore it, there is a lot of work to be done. The following tips will help you with the most important repairs that will be needed to get your vessel back on the water again:

1. Inspecting the Hull and Deck for Signs of Leaks, Water Damage, and Decay

The hull of the boat is the area where the vessel floats on the water and leaks can be a serious problem here. Therefore, you will want to inspect the hull of your boat for holes, cracks, and other damage that can cause water to get in. In addition, you will also want to inspect decks, roofs, wheelhouses, and other areas for leaks that can cause problems with damage inside your boat.

2. Dry Docking Your Vessel to Clean and Repair the Hull Before You Paint

The best way to work on a boat and do a complete restoration is to dry dock it. This means that the vessel is completely removed from the water and supported by blocks while repairs and restoration work is being done. You will want to complete most of the work while your boat is dry docked and only do finishing touches and testing when you launch the vessel for the first time after the work has been completed.

3. Fiberglass Repairs and Improvements to Make the Hull Sturdy and Light

Boats are made from many different materials, but fiberglass is the most common modern material used. Whether you are repairing a wood boat or an old fiberglass hull, you will want to use marine fiberglass to provide a lightweight and durable reinforcement to make your boat sturdy. If there is damage to the hull, fiberglass resin can be used to patch the damage before painting the vessel and getting ready to launch it in the water.

4. Sanding, Painting, and Waxing the Hull to Prepare to Launch Your Vessel

After the repairs have been done and the fiberglass work finished, the vessel it going to need to be painted. First, sand down all the rough edges of fiberglass and other materials to create a smooth service. Wipe the surface down with a damp cloth, and then, paint. Before you launch the boat, make sure to give the hull a good coat of wax to protect your fresh paint job from damage. After all of this, you will be ready to launch your boat in the water and inspect it for any problems.

These are some tips to help with the most important boat restoration repairs that will be needed to get your boat from the dry dock to the water. If you need help with restoring the hull, contact a marine fiberglass service to ensure your vessel is ready for the water and you will not be baling water out.  

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