Bio-Hazard Cleanup Supplies For Schools: Things Your Janitors Need

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Bio-Hazard Cleanup Supplies For Schools: Things Your Janitors Need

12 September 2017
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Janitors are very important to schools. They keep the schools clean, sanitized, and presentable. They also handle some of the worst and most unpleasant messes, namely urine, feces, blood, and vomit. Three of these are bio-hazardous liquids. To manage these bio-hazards, your janitors need the proper janitorial equipment. Make sure there is enough in your school budget for their department to acquire all of the following for the coming school year:

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are huge when it comes to cleaning up accidents and vomit. In fact, it may be a very good idea to put a box of gloves in every room so that teachers can assist children until janitorial help can arrive. While the teacher takes care of the student, the janitor cleans up the waste or spill. Gloves prevent both teachers and janitors from coming into contact with substances that could endanger their lives or make them sick.

Commercial Urine Remover

Adding bleach to urine in an enclosed space creates Agent Orange, a compound made from urine and bleach. It is highly toxic and very dangerous, especially in a school full of children. While bleach can be used to sanitize bathrooms regularly, it should not be the go-to product for bladder accidents. Instead, you will need to purchase commercial urine remover, which kills urine odors and bacteria while neutralizing transmittable diseases. 

Vomit Absorbing Powders

Everyone who has ever gone to public school knows that when someone vomits, the janitor is called to clean it up. He or she uses an orange or green powder or sawdust type of material that absorbs the liquid and eliminates odors. It also kills bacteria and viruses and sanitizes the area where the vomit landed. Your janitors need at least thirty packages of this stuff every flu season. Otherwise, they will have a very difficult time cleaning things up and making sure everyone does not get sick from the odors.

Commercial Blood Clean-up and Disinfection Supplies

These janitorial equipment supplies usually include a commercial product that destroys any and all blood-borne pathogens in the blood spill, cloths for easy clean-up of small spills and spots, and protective gear for the janitor. If your schools have hemophiliacs, HIV students, and kids who frequently get into fights, you and your janitors will need these supplies as well. Since all students' health records are private, your janitors have to treat ALL blood spills as though they are potentially deadly. Give them the right supplies for the job.