Trying To Keep The Operating Costs Down On Your Farm? Strategies For Reducing Your Farm Insurance Costs

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Trying To Keep The Operating Costs Down On Your Farm? Strategies For Reducing Your Farm Insurance Costs

11 September 2017
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Running a farm takes a lot of time and energy. If you depend on your farm for an income, the last thing you want to deal with is out-of-control insurance premiums. Luckily, there are some procedures you can implement that will help keep your insurance premiums at an acceptable rate. Here are several strategies you can use to prevent busting your budget on insurance costs:

Don't Delay Filing a Claim

You might not realize this, but waiting too long to report a loss can actually end up costing you more money in the long run. That's because delaying a report may also delay the repair of the damage. The longer it takes to repair damage, the more severe the damage can become. That means what could have been a minimum payout for your insurance company suddenly becomes a major payout, which may most likely make your insurance premiums escalate. Keep your premiums, and your claim costs, to a minimum by filing claims as soon as possible.

Conduct Daily Safety Inspections

There are a lot of safety hazards on a farm. Equipment can be faulty, fields can contain holes and other safety hazards, animals can get out of their pens, and a variety of other hazards can exist. To keep those hazards to a minimum, and to reduce the chances of an insurance claim, you'll need to conduct daily safety inspections. These inspections should include all your equipment, as well as a visual inspection of the fields, and any livestock you may have on your property.

Train Your Farm Hands on Proper Safety Techniques

If you have farm hands that you employ, it's important to ensure that they're properly trained on all safety techniques. They should also be trained on how to spot a safety issue. Well-trained farm hands will help you avoid accidents that could lead to personal injury claims, or even claims resulting in equipment failure.

Make Safety a Community Effort

When you run a farm, you're part of an extended community. Whenever your farm hands leave the property in one of your vehicles, you run the risk of liability. This is particularly true if your farm hands drive irresponsibly while in one of your vehicles. To prevent accidents, and keep your liability down, you should make safety a community effort. List your contact information on all your farm vehicles, and encourage community members to contact you regarding the safety of your drivers. This will encourage personal responsibility whenever your farm hands drive your vehicles and will reduce your liability due to accidents.

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