What Fire Protection Engineers Do And Why You Need One While Constructing A New Building

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What Fire Protection Engineers Do And Why You Need One While Constructing A New Building

5 September 2017
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Fire protection engineering is not a new field. It may sound like it is, but since the fire protection business came into being, fire protection engineers  began their work. Essentially, these engineers examine the floor plans of a building currently in construction and determine how to best prevent fires and extinguish fires if and when they start. Here is why you would need to consult a fire protection engineer before the the halfway mark of completing new construction.

Every Building Needs Fire Protection Systems

It does not matter what kind of building you are constructing. If humans are going to be occupying it for even a couple hours a day, your building will need a fire protection plan and a fire protection system. The fire protection engineer will examine the floor plan of your building, look for escape routes, and tell you exactly what systems you need to use, what systems you can use, and where to install them. This information is also passed on to your contractor and your plumbing contractor to make sure everyone is on the first page. Additionally, a new building is not up to code unless it passes a fire prevention inspection via the fire marshal or the city building inspector.

The System Also Protects the Building While It Is Being Built

If a sprinkler system is being installed as the main fire prevention system, this will go into the building early on. The best part about this system is that it will protect the building while it is in the process of being built. If a fire breaks out in the building before it is complete, and the plumbing is in operation, the system will put out the fire so that the building is not utterly destroyed prior to completion.

The Building Is Safe Once It Is Complete

Post-installation of a fire prevention and protection system is highly unusual. Most new buildings will not be approved by inspectors for human occupation if there is not a system in place. Once the system is in, and the building is open to everyone, the fire protection and prevention system recommended by the fire protection engineer will make the building safe from the very beginning.

Three Visits

Most fire protection engineers require that you have them visit at least twice, although it may take three visits to complete the plan for your building. The initial visit is to examine floor plans, which can change. The engineer works on the fire protection plan and recommendations and then presents the plan. Implementation is up to you. The second visit is to make sure everything is going well. A third and final visit makes sure the execution of your plan is complete.