5 Benefits Of Hiring A Specialist To Train The Phone Sales Team For Your Car Dealership

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5 Benefits Of Hiring A Specialist To Train The Phone Sales Team For Your Car Dealership

28 August 2017
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If you own a car dealership, you may occasionally need to sell a few cars over the phone. Depending on the structure of your business, you may have sales people doing cold calls to potential buyers in the community, or you may just have salespeople who field calls that come in from interested buyers.

In either case, you should have your team do some car sales phone training. Here's why these specialists need special training.

1. Memorizing the Script

A sales script ensures that all of your team members present the same message to prospective buyers. It helps to establish rapport between buyers and your sales team, and it improves how your team sounds. More importantly, when you rely on a script, you can constantly refine your approach, taking out what doesn't work and adding new things that work better.

When you put your employees through a dedicated car sales phone training course, it ensures that they learn the script. They get the chance to practice the script with skilled and knowledgeable trainers.

2. Dealing With Rebuttals

Whether you're dealing with car sales or selling any other type of product, your run into the same rebuttals over and over. When you hire someone to train your sales team, that specialist can give your team tips on how to deal with each type of rebuttal.

Skilled and well trained salespeople don't ever back down from common rebuttals. Rather, they have an arsenal of replies that allows them to quickly move past the rebuttal and back to the pitch.

3. Learning the Inventory

Whether you're talking about your sales team on the floor of your dealership or the sales team that answers the phone, it's critical that they understand your inventory. When a potential lead has questions about this or that car, you need a sales team that can answer those questions quickly and knowledgeably.

If the sales professional falters or doesn't have an answer, that can turn off the prospective buyer. They may immediately turn to another dealership. Luckily, you can easily integrate facts about your inventory into your car sales phone training sessions.

4. Understanding the Nuances of Phone Sales

Phone sales are different than sales on the floor. If your team is doing cold calling, they are likely dealing with a level of skepticism that is just not there when someone comes into the dealership and is eagerly looking for a vehicle. As a result, the phone crew needs to be able to disarm these skeptical people on the other side of the phone.

On the other hand, if you have a phone sales team that just takes inbound calls, you may be dealing with a lot of comparison shoppers. Unlike people who drive down to your showroom floor, these shoppers are often calling multiple dealerships. They are looking for the best deal, and they've typically done a lot of research.

You need a sales team that is trained to handle that. Ideally, you should not just put your floor team on these phone calls. There are nuances that they need to understand about phone sales in particular.

5. Boosting Deals

Finally, the most important reason that you may want to hire an outside specialist or consultant to handle the training of your phone sales team is to boost the number of deals you make. Before hiring someone to do car sales phone training for your crew, ask a few questions.

In particular, you want to know about their success rates with other clients. How did their training program increases sales for previous clients? If the numbers look good, it's probably well worth the money to hire these specialists.

When crunching the numbers, also keep in mind how much time these specialists save you. When you hire them, you don't have to do the training. In addition, training can help with retention rates. If salespeople have the knowledge to be successful, they aren't as likely to jump ship and go work for another dealership.

To learn more, contact a company that specializes in car phone sales training directly. They'll be able to tell you about more benefits and answer your other questions.